Signs of a Dirty Pool

We know that the weather in Orlando can make it difficult to resist jumping into your residential pool, even when the quality of the water is questionable. However, it’s essential to ensure that your pool’s water is clean and safe before getting in. Look for these signs in your residential pool before you dive in:

Cloudy Water
Cloudy pool water can be indicative of poor maintenance and environmental pollution. Failing to properly cover your pool can allow rainwater carrying contaminants from areas around the pool to seep into the water, causing your pool’s water to become murky. Cloudy pool water can also signify a high concentration of chemicals. Chlorine, water sanitizers, and a high pH level can all cause pool water to become cloudy. Call Fratelli Pool Service immediately if your pool water is cloudy, and definitely don’t take the risk of jumping in.

This point should be fairly obvious, but it’s a point that is worth reiterating: don’t go in your pool if you notice that algae is growing in it. Most people don’t know that algae grows in varieties that can be toxic and, in some cases, fatal. Some varieties of algae produce what’s known as cyanobacteria; in plain English, this is the green, slimy layer of algae that you’ll commonly see on the surfaces of lakes. It has a foul and off-putting smell to it, and it can be toxic to both humans and animals. It’s worth noting that not all algae varieties are visible, so you should always be on the lookout for any unfamiliar smells emitted by your pool.

Red Eyes After Swimming
Are your eyes itchy and red after a session in the pool? Red eyes after swimming can be a sign that your pool water is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. Dirt, sweat, oil, and other human-originating contaminants can cause your water to become irritating to the eyes, even if you’re fairly meticulous about regulating the chemicals in your pool.

Call Fratelli Pool Service if it’s your case. We specialize in pool maintenance and we are happy to help you with any pool-related questions you might have.

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