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Do not delegate the responsibility of cleaning your pool to the tenant

Attention Pool home owners!

Do not delegate the responsibility of cleaning your pool to the tenant

This blog, in particular, aims to bring a subject of interest to owners of long-term rental properties, since here in Florida, we find in this market, customers who delegate the financial responsibility to the tenant to hire a company to take care of the pool.

In most cases, the tenant:

1 – The tenant doesn’t hire anyone, because he thinks he can take care of it and save his own money;

2 – He also can hire the cheapest company that will certainly not provide a good service.

In both cases, the outcome is the same: GREEN POOL, often abandoned and without maintenance for a long time, equipment without inspection and working properly, pools with permanent stains due to the lack of correct balance of chemicals.

Result: high cost to recover the pool and/or irreversible damage to property.

A good pool cleaning company should be your eyes on the pool area. In addition to ensuring healthy and crystal clear water, you must report any problems found in the area and equipment. Many more serious problems can be avoided and costs minimized if identified early.

You resolve this issue easily, adding the value of maintaining the pool in the rent that the tenant pays, and in this way, you guarantee that the pool will be properly treated and its assets preserved.

One of the things that most leave us unhappy is: “how the owner of a long-term home delegates the care of the pool to the tenant.”

You should be responsible for hiring the pool cleaning company. The owner!



Who should perform swimming pool maintenance at the properties you manage?

5 ways a pool service company in Orlando can help property managers

As a property manager, your job is to keep the property you manage in a safe and habitable condition. You likely keep a large network of reliable plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers and other contractors on hand to make emergency repairs or perform preventative property maintenance. By hiring experts to perform the needed task around your rental property, you limit issues from arising and solve problems quicker.


Property investors in Orlando often buy properties with pools for the added value, higher renting rate and enhanced tenant appeal. But a pool can become a costly and legal headache if it’s not properly maintained—and the property owner is relying on you. That’s why if you manage a property with a pool, it’s important that you hire the right people to care for it.  


Why hire a pool service company?

Hiring a dependable pool service company in Orlando will do more than simply keep the pools at your properties clean. They will also help to: 


#1: Improve Safety

Pools that are not properly maintained can be harmful to the health and happiness of tenants or guests. A reliable pool service company in Orlando will maintain your pool’s chemical levels to help reduce the spread of harmful diseases.


#2: Reduce Cost

Property managers are responsible for managing a rental or vacation property’s budget. With a pool service company in Orlando regularly checking your pool’s chemical levels, you can actually save money by reducing the need for constant maintenance.


#3: Protect Against Liability

Experienced pool service companies don’t just work with different types of pools, but also different types of fences and gates surrounding the pools. They can inform you if there’s an issue with any of these safety measures, to help prevent potential pool-related accidents that you may be liable for.


#4: Maintain Guest and Tenant Comfort 

Pool service companies will often visit the same property multiple times a month, allowing them to be the “eyes and ears” of the property manager. A reliable pool service company in Orlando will communicate and make a note of possible issues that threaten tenant and guest comfort.


#5: Encourage Repeat Guests and Long-Term Tenants

A well-maintained pool contributes to the comfort of the people renting the property, and keeping them happy encourages long-term tenants and repeat guests. This eliminates the money and work needed in finding new people to rent your property—and ensures a steady, reliable source of income for the property owner who hired you.


Properly maintaining a pool requires expert knowledge and regular work. Whether you manage a single family rental property or a vacation home, the team at Fratelli Pool Service has what it takes to keep you, your renters, and the property owner happy. 


We’re fully certified, insured, licensed and experienced pool company in Orlando. In addition to servicing pools for rental properties and vacation homes, we also offer a variety of extra services like pressure washing, deck organization, and more. 


Contact us today to request a quote or schedule a pool cleaning.